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Rosemary Zhao
When I was a child, I liked to go exploring everywhere and draw whatever I saw. I would often draw flowers, toys, animals, etc. As I grew, my hobby became a great love. I was lucky enough to become a professional painter. I feel very fortunate that my hobby is also my job! My favorite part of being an artist is to see the smiles on customers’ faces or read their compliment letters. There really isn't anything better than that!
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Ken Zhang
Hello everyone! I have loved cartoons and animation since I was very young. After I grew up, I became a professional digital artist. myDaVinci has given me a great environment for creating artworks with my own imaginations. Comic Book style is my specialty. I consider myself a perfectionist when I am working on my artworks. Looking forward to creating quality artwork for you!
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Joy Cheng
Shortly after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Art, I joined the wonderful artist group at the myDaVinci studio nine years ago. There are so many styles that we created for customers. It was here where I discovered my passion in transforming photos into beautiful portraits for our worldwide customers. Ink Rendering is my real specialty. My art style is mostly classic with clean lines. There is nothing more rewarding to me than creating a breathtaking portrait. It's an honor for me to let your sweet memory stay and shine on your wall.
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Coco Zhang
Deep down inside of me, I am a girly girl who loves to think of the world as a bright and sunshiny place. My home is full of bright colors, gorgeous dresses, and sparkly shoes. Of course, my little daughter loves them all! You’ll notice the cheerful and shiny colors in almost all of my artworks. I love to make color pencil sketches in rich colors. For my oil painting giclee design, I choose brushstrokes and colors carefully to make your artwork attractive and charming. If I see anything colorful and sparkly, most likely I’d love it!
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Jake Zhang
If I could choose one word to describe myself, it would be “frooted”: adj. Playfully derived from “fruitfully rooted”, referring to one who is firmly grounded in a belief, so as to bear many fruits or good results. I am a professional painter, and like to believe that my job as an artist is to create artwork that will bring happiness and hope to all who see it. Creating a landscape artwork is my favorite. Those serene nature scenes always bring me pleasure and peace.
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Evol Cui
I love to infuse my personality into all of my designs and try to make them as creative as possible. Just like Andy Warhol, I love bold patterns and colors. I’m very passionate about making all of my artworks well developed and perfectly done. The more colorful the better!
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Alisa Lee
Hi there! I have been painting and drawing ever since I took my first art class at the age of four. Since the first day when I picked up a brush, art has become a great way for me to express my experiences with the world. Whenever I’m painting, I feel overtaken by the most wonderful sense of joy, and I hope that all of my customers are able to feel the same way when they take a look at their painting for the first time!
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Lisa Lu
Hello, my name is Lisa. It seems that my life has been filled with art and music all the time. Graduating with bachelor of fine arts degree in interior design, I have been drawing and painting in myDaVinci for 4 years. Pencil sketch and hand made oil painting are my most favorite styles. It will be a great honor for me to create a piece of artwork based on your unforgettable memory, which also makes my work so meaningful. In my spare time, I enjoy being together with my family and friends, playing guitar and singing. Lift is beautiful with art!
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Bob Zhang
Hello, I have been working as an artist for 20 years. I am extremely thankful that my job allows me to spend all of my time doing what I love, which is creating so many artworks with different styles. It is my belief that freedom of thought and expression are the root of all good drawings. An artist should never confine their minds and should just let their thoughts fly freely onto the canvas.
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Jenny Zhao
Hey there, I’m Jenny! I call myself a painter, a daydreamer, and a food lover. I enjoy creating new recipes almost as much as I love painting. It has been an amazing experience for me to be part of this creative, talented and inspiring art group at myDaVinci. I love being able to open new doors to artistic thinking every day here. I believe that one of the best things about art is that it appears as a lie that tells the truth.
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Rachel Liu
As a professional artist, I believe that the life itself gives us the most inspirations. I love animals and nature very much, so creating animal artworks is my most favorite. Those lovely animal photos allow me to know them from their eyes. It's my honor to create a vivid pencil sketch for your lovely pet. I also enjoy to create my artwork with heavy colors, especially shown on the traditional oil painting, which is the best media to show the colorful brushes.
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Cinderella Wang
Art has been always my passion, so I pursued my dream and got bachelor degree of fine arts 9 years ago. Thanks to myDaVinci for giving me this chance to create pencil sketch or watercolor for our worldwide customers. Digital graphic design and painting become my new love in the recent years which extend my imagination and creativity. During my spare time, I enjoy to play with my little boy and explore outdoors with my family. Breathing in the nature and stepping on the grass make me feel so joyful. I always go hiking and swimming. Great nature gives me endless inspirations.
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Charlotte Ma
Greetings! Not only I am a professional painter, but I also take on the job titles of house wife and super mom! My favorite quote comes from Robert Motherwell, who once said, “Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it!” I just couldn't agree more! Art has become a part of my everyday life. To me, life wouldn't be complete if I couldn't paint and create beautiful artworks.
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Lina Gao
When I was very young, I started to enjoy drawing and painting. Following my dream of being an artist, I chose the major of traditional Chinese painting in my undergraduate study and earned the bachelor degree of fine arts more than 10 years ago. It's my great pleasure working for myDaVinci. Color Pencil, Watercolor, Ink Rendering and traditional Chinese painting are my favorite styles. Every photo has a unique story behind. I hope that my artwork can catch the unique feature of each subject in the photo. During my spare time, I enjoy to learn more about traditional Chinese cultures, e.g., the cultures behind jade and tea. I also love to create some Chinese crafts and enjoy hiking.
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Candy Lee
Ten years ago, I graduated with a bachelor degree of fine arts in the major of traditional western oil painting. In myDaVinci, I love to create unique artwork in Pencil Sketch, Color Pencil and Watercolor based on the photos of our customers. During the creation of an artwork, I always try my best to catch the spirit of a person or a pet in the photo, which is challenging but rewarding. Out of my work I enjoy reading, singing, creating calligraphy and cooking!
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Kitty Niu
Painting Career:15 years
Education: Bachelor of Art, Majored in Design
Favorite Style:Pop Art, Caricatures
Motto: “There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun” ― Pablo Picasso
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Amelia Gao
Hi everyone! I have been a professional artist for more than fourteen years. Art has always been a huge part of my life, so I feel very fortunate that I am able to be in the studio here at myDaVinci to create artworks for you. I truly believe that artists never retire, because art is simply our way of living. My day wouldn't be complete if I wasn't painting.
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Star Yan
I found a deep passion for painting and drawing when I was 5 years old. I love colorful things by nature. Cooking and traveling are my favorite activities after work. As a professional artist, Pencil Sketch, Ink Rendering and Watercolor are my favorite styles. Thank MyDavinci for allowing me to be a part of such a great experience! I am a proud artist who is willing to create a piece of artwork for your treasurable memories.
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Jolin Feng
Pencil is like a magic stick. I could create the whole world with it. Compared with the colorful world, I like the black and white tone more. The world will turn out vivid with the depiction of my pencil. The more I grow up, the more I know the element of the drawing. Thanks for giving me the chance to work with you for a touching pencil sketch from your photo.
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Alina Qiao
Hi, everyone, my name is Alina. After graduating with a bachelor degree of fine arts in the major of traditional western oil painting ten years ago, I started to create artworks based on photos in myDaVinci. Pencil Sketch, Color Pencil and Watercolor are my favorite styles. I enjoy drawing the artwork in realistic style with fine details, to catch the special moment shown in the photo vividly. Art really makes the world more beautiful.
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