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Better than expected
by Alicia Fryslie
Iowa, US
Reviewed on: May 31, 2023
This watercolor has the perfect amount of color and detail to showcase our hospital! It makes a great gift for a loyal volunteer and myDaVinci was so easy to work with....they sent a proof quickly and once approved the painting arrived not long after. Will definitely use them again.
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by Erin Olson
Long Prairie, MN, US
Reviewed on: May 28, 2023
I cannot express how much I love this drawing. It was for a gift to a very close friend of mine. It was her daughters in the picture and the artist captured exactly what I wanted it to. Thank you so much to whoever drew this...it made a mom very happy!
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Beautiful work of art!
by Ebonie Harris
Redford, MI, US
Reviewed on: May 17, 2023
Words cannot begin to express how happy I was with the beautiful portrait of my dog. I submitted the photo of my beloved, Jubilee the day after she passed away from a long illness. The artist captured the essence of my girl better than the photo I submitted. I will definitely have them create another piece of art for me! Thank you for the wonderful work!
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First time experience
by Patricia Fortino
gilroy, CA, US
Reviewed on: May 15, 2023
First time with MyDaVinci! was amazing! Not only extremely pleased with the sketch of my 2 youngest grandkids, the great help with questions I had were answered. I guess me ordering 4 more artworks say it all! Thank You MyDaVinci
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Gone but not forgotten
by Roger
Redmond, WA, US
Reviewed on: May 13, 2023
Just a simple sketch as a remembrance. The artist did a great job!
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‘My Dad’
by Diane Stierle
Milford, PA, US
Reviewed on: May 13, 2023
This perfect portrait captured the ‘my dad’ everlasting smile for my daughter’s 40th birthday gift; thank you ‘myDaVinci’ and your gifted artists for art work from the heart.
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Talented artist(s) and amazing portrait
by Denise G.
Lester Prairie, MN, US
Reviewed on: April 29, 2023
I am in awe and touched by how the artist was able to capture the likeness of my grandparents. My grandpa passed away over 15 years ago, and we don't have many photos of just he and my grandma. I know the picture I sent may have been difficult to work from, as it is very old, and myDavinci reached out many times asking for a different picture to ensure and deliver a masterpiece. However, I believe that the artist did it justice. I received the portrait drawing of my grandparents on Wednesday (4/26) and they had it shipped last Friday (4/21). I am flying out on 5/8, so I am glad it came just in time! This is a surprise gift to my grandma for her 95th birthday, and I am certain she will love it as much as I do! Thank you very, very much!
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Family Home
Reviewed on: April 17, 2023
We had this watercolor made for our mom when she moved out of the house she’d lived in for more than 45 years - it’s a beautiful rendition of our family home and we are thrilled to be able to give it to her as a gift! Thank you!
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House drawing
by Leisha Smith
Huntersville, NC, US
Reviewed on: April 14, 2023
Had my parents’ old house (my childhood home) drawn for them as their 50th Anniversary gift. My dad built it himself and they just sold it this year, so it was bittersweet for them to move on. The artist did a great job and was able to customize it to remove some items from the photo I provided, per my request. Overall very pleased. Shipping takes a while, as I guess the artist sends their work to MyDavinci and then they send it to you, so expect to wait a while after you receive and approve the final draft online.
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by Carmen Ramirez
Boerne, TX, US
Reviewed on: April 11, 2023
I sent four different photos to mydaVinci to put them all together for my final product, which is absolutely gorgeous. They understood everything I needed and wanted this watercolor to show and preserve our childhood memories.
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by Steven Dorius
Germantown, TN, US
Reviewed on: April 8, 2023
We had a portrait painted of us recently. We communicated our feelings about the original painting and were pleased that myDaVinci was concerned and remedied the problems we had with the painting.
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by Diane Stierle
Milford, PA, US
Reviewed on: April 6, 2023
I am truly humbled, and thankful, for this pencil portrait of a dear friend's mom who recently passed; your artist captured the exact likeness of this subject but added a lightness and happy-glow to make this a treasured memory.
Your customer service went above and beyond for me from adding extra "TLC" to my original order to keeping me abreast of shipment tracking that I could not access.
All-in-all, you can count-on-me to be a very pleased and satisfied and repeat customer.
Thank you.
Diane Stierle
Milford, PA
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by Lyn Echter
Omaha, NE, US
Reviewed on: March 30, 2023
The entire process was seamless. I had this portrait done in memory of my daughters dog, Lexi. She was absolutely thrilled and all those that saw it thought it was beautiful as well. No detail was missed. I'm beyond satisfied and will highly recommend your services to anyone! If I could give 6 stars I most certainly would!
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Thomson House
by George Batorfalvy
Woodhaven, NY, US
Reviewed on: March 30, 2023
Great job, this was a gift, and the party who received loved it. He was born in that house 77 years ago, and in the family over hundred years. He moved over a year ago. I like that you did not rush me, and the communication before the final decision was fantastic especially adding the tree in the background that he planted when his daughter was born 50 plus years ago. Very satisfied customer and gift receiver.
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Grandpa and grandson
by Steven Goldblatt
Higganum, CT, US
Reviewed on: March 28, 2023
Very much in keeping with our request. Very pleased.
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Colored pencil drawing
by Nancy Seleski
Harris, MN, US
Reviewed on: March 22, 2023
An unbelievable colored pencil drawing of my love, Ruger. It absolutely captures the essence of him. I could not be more satisfied. Will definitely be a repeat customer. I have a similar piece of artwork for my first cocker spaniel, Pepper. This is equally, if not better, as good. Treasures for sure!
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by Tamara Zivkovic
Huntington Beach, CA, US
Reviewed on: March 16, 2023
The artist did an amazing job!
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Chrissy 8/24/09 - 2/19/23
by Myra Riollano
Bronx, NY, US
Reviewed on: March 15, 2023
From the moment I saw the draft of this picture I loved it. I feel as if I’m looking into Chrissy’s eyes. The artist did a wonderful job. Thank you for capturing my girls sweet expression.
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Reed House
by Melody Veltri
Findlay, OH, US
Reviewed on: March 15, 2023
My friend and her husband are moving to another city after 40 years of raising children and living in their family home. As a gift, I took a photo of the home and My DaVinci created a beautiful colored pencil drawing of it. I asked for a few additions to the landscape and for the artist to eliminate clutter on the porch. "Hind" did an amazing job. I will most definitely give this kind of gift again, and I think the price is extremely reasonable for the quality of the artwork.
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Great job
by John Temple
Shawnee, Ok, US
Reviewed on: March 9, 2023
I have ordered from my davinci twice. Both times, artwork was perfect! Timely delivered. Great job
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