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Hand Painted Oil Painting from Photos
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Excellent quality!
by L Swift
Reviewed on: January 12, 2020
We had our dog painted as a gift and were very pleased with the results as well as the service. The painting showed more personality that wasn’t evident in the photo we sent. Thanks - we are very likely to do another dog portrait in the future.

Reviewed on: June 5, 2019
Beautifully and exquisitely done!

by Claudia Pecero
Brownsville , TX, US
Reviewed on: December 31, 2018

Polo portrait
by Madison Richardson
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Reviewed on: September 29, 2018
The talented artist was able to creatively render the work in a fashion that enhances the original in subtle and nuanced ways that will make it a treasure to us for many years to come.

Rocky and Oscar
by Christine Henriques
Winter Springs, FL, US
Reviewed on: September 7, 2018
We absolutely love our custom oil painting of our two cats. The older of the two had recently passed, so I wanted something to honor our devoted friends. I didn't have a "perfect" photo of them together. The artists at MyDaVinci took THREE of my photos (one being the background) and combined them to make this masterpiece! The artists really worked with me until I was fully satisfied with the final version. Very professional and patient! This is my fourth piece of custom art from myDaVinci and I'm sure it won't be my last!

Family pic
Reviewed on: March 17, 2018
Wonderful painting. Love it !!

Teresa and Marcus
by Alfred Bisci
Reviewed on: January 4, 2018
We are so happy with the results of this black and white oil painting taken from a photo. It is a wedding gift and we couldn't be happier.

Exceptional work!
by Rev. Gerald Cestare
Setauket, NY, US
Reviewed on: December 22, 2017
This piece was created from an old photograph. The artist completely captured the subject and improved on the photo. The subject is my grandfather who always displayed a large Neapolitan nativity in his home. As a priest, I now display it in my Church. I have added to it over the years and it contains over 7000 figures! This oil painting is part of a dedication to my grandfather. It is displayed in a very large parish church and thousands have viewed it. With each compliment I give out your web address. I can’t thank you enough for a job well done. I will be shopping again soon!

Wedding Day
by Joel Booth
Reviewed on: December 2, 2017
My wife loved her anniversary oil painting.

Smyrna, GA, US
Reviewed on: October 25, 2017
I couldn’t be happier with my painting. When I first started they were very helpful, advising me that my first choice for the picture might not be a good one. The painting is of a couple and it looks just like them and realistic and beautiful!

We love the oil painting!
Reviewed on: October 7, 2017
I had purchased this painting as a gift for my wife. I was hoping the painting turned out to my satisfaction--and I was not disappointed in the least! My wife adores it, too! We simply love it.

We are going to keep this painting of our wedding portrait proudly displayed for a lifetime!

I would like to know which of the artists did my painting, and I wish the artist felt comfortable initialing their work in the bottom corner. I assume this is more than tracing--it seems like legit art to me done by a true artist!

The detail is exquisite--the light and shadows are true to life!

Plus, it was neat to have that oil paint smell for the first few days!

Reviewed on: June 26, 2017
The customer service is excellent; they made all of our requested modifications. We were astonished at our finished oil painting, as it exceeded our expectations. It was 10 times better that we'd ever imagined. I would highly recommend that you use myDaVinci, especially if you're looking for a family heirloom.

My best friend
by Dan Jamison
Pleasant Grove, AL, US
Reviewed on: May 17, 2017
This is the 2nd piece of artwork I have gotten from you. Just a fantastic job on this. You took a dark picture to start with and completely captured my buddy's look and personality.

Never disappoint.
Reviewed on: March 3, 2017
They do exellent work. The detailing is one of my favorite things. Also, they are fast and efficient. Thank you.

So very pleased!
by R Gordon Schaubhut
Reviewed on: January 29, 2017
This painting was a gift for my wife for Christmas. We lived in this beautiful home for 29 years where we raised two children and have now moved on to retirement in a new home. The artist at my DaVinci did a superb job of capturing the essence of our home and perfectly added color to the flower beds and window boxes per our special request. We couldn't be happier with this painting.

my beautiful puppies
by Thomas Cole
Hattiesburg, MS, US
Reviewed on: January 22, 2017
Truly beautiful rendition of my puppy babies. The artist was able to cover the surgical scars so others could see them as I remember them.

Menlo Park, CA, US
Reviewed on: January 2, 2017
The artist did a spectacular job capturing the scene and making the adjustments I had asked for. It is so vivid. The colors are captivating.

Christmas on Canvas
Reviewed on: January 1, 2017
I was told by my son (in the picture) that this was the best Christmas gift he ever received. My daughter-in-law wanted to go & immediately hang it over the fireplace.

loving wife, mother and grandmother
by Ronald Schultz
Middletown, NY, US
Reviewed on: November 17, 2016
I couldn't be more pleased with the results. This was painted from a photo my brother took last Thanksgiving.
This is a family heirloom that will be passed down from one generation to the next.
Thank you for your excellent service!

Precious Puppy!
by Lisa
Houston, TX, US
Reviewed on: August 18, 2016
Love the painting. They did a great job. I had some changes after the first viewing and they made them and it came out great. The detail is pretty amazing.

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