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Personalized Mona Lisa Masterpiece from Photo
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Great product!
by Jack Moffet
Atlanta, GA, US
Reviewed on: April 10, 2024
Came in exactly as it was described. Great work and friendly customer service. Good stuff!

by Edward Leighton
Reviewed on: March 8, 2024
I was truly WOWED! Creating orders with myDavinci is extremely easy. I simply sent in a background pic I had found and had myDavinci add my head from a photo. They even re-sized my head shot as requested. Shipping is fast and my art was very well packaged. I have made several purchases and have been extremely pleased with them all. I am looking forward to future purchases. I would highly recommend trusting myDavinci with your artistic creations.

by Tressa masters
Trenton, SC, US
Reviewed on: November 21, 2023
I love it. A gift for my sister Lisa! 1000 Times better than a 'gag gift'. It's a work that will be displayed!!

As advertised
by David Kitcoff
Reviewed on: July 10, 2023
Great quality, great service.

Great Job!
by Paul Kalagassy
Brooklyn, NY, US
Reviewed on: February 24, 2023
These folks explained that the first photo i sent was too grainy and
after i sent a second photo they sent me a copy of the finished product for my approval! That's Real personal service!

Mona Lisa
by Lisa Smith
Granada Hills, CA, US
Reviewed on: January 4, 2023
The piece was a total hit, very funny and fun. Would totally recommend it!

11x16 print
Reviewed on: August 15, 2022
I love it!! Shipping was quick as well !

Mona Lisa dad
by Leah Socks
Traverse city, MI, US
Reviewed on: July 7, 2022
I got a Mona Lisa poster with my dad's face on it and I think it is the best thing I have ever received in my life. I am in love and my family will have so many good laughs about this.

Reviewed on: November 1, 2021
I couldn’t be happier with my Mona Lisa! Will be ordering more.

Perfect - Just buy one, or more!
by Carmen Inman
Cherokee Village, AR, US
Reviewed on: May 14, 2021
My mom LOVED her Mona Lisa! She immediately posted a photo of it on Facebook, which is the bar for her approval with any good purchase. The modification was quick ( I requested no eyebrows). Just a great gift, now I have to get my Dad one...

Excellent job
by Candace Walsh
Reviewed on: December 9, 2020
Arrive on time everything was very professional

I love my JocyCano version of mona lisa!
by Jocy Cano
Riverside, CA, US
Reviewed on: September 3, 2020
It came out beautiful. I love it. Xoxo, it's also on my instagram.com/Josiekat_Cano or JocyCano Twitter Josiekat26 xoxo Fb Jocelyn Kaithalina :-* great art, I even got a preview of my pic in cute post cards Version!... xoxo it's my bday gift!...

Simple awesome
by Batsheva Avraham
Miami, FL, US
Reviewed on: December 14, 2019
I rate 4 stars because you change the shipping date. I paid with time and I wanted for my mother’s birthday which was on 12/10 . The shipment was exactly on 12/10 furthermore my mother received the gift after her birthday. I don’t live with her

Beautiful Rendition of my Wisha Lisa!
Reviewed on: October 23, 2019
The canvas was beautiful and the brush strokes that were applied to the horse's head look whimsical and natural. I would have given this 5 stars, but I believe the hands on the painting are too dark. I wish I had realized this, prior to purchase. However, I am overall pleased with my Wisha Lisa!

Gift for music teacher
Reviewed on: June 9, 2019
The artwork was perfect. My son wanted to give his music teacher a unique gift to demonstrate how she is an icon in our community. This was perfect. We didn't get it on time, but was able to get a preview picture to present to her until her gift arrived. It was perfect.

Mona fantastic!!!
by Susan Jones
Reviewed on: July 9, 2017
Confession - this is my 7th purchase!!! I can't stop!! The superior quality - the selections - the customer service - the prompt shipment - the secure packaging.... all top notch!!! I couldn't be more impressed!!!

Mona Mel Lisa
Reviewed on: December 29, 2016
This turned out great. Thank you very much.

MONA LISA surprise
by Daniel Brady
Rochester, NY, US
Reviewed on: December 18, 2016
Scientists CLAIMS sketches drawn B E H I N D the MONA Lisa are in fact true!

Great personalized gift
Reviewed on: November 30, 2016
I love this personalized gift. I plan to purchase more. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because the picture that I sent is obviously more clear than the rest of the piece so it doesn't blend perfectly but it's still really great.

My Daughter is Going to Kill Me :)
by Nancy Partin
Northfield, MN, US
Reviewed on: July 31, 2016
My daughter is an art historian specializing in Renaissance art. DaVinci is her idol and she HATES it whenever someone parodies the Mona Lisa, so, of course, we send her all the parodies we can find (evil laugh). Naturally we couldn't resist this opportunity to put HER face on the masterpiece. My DaVinci did an amazing job! After they sent the first proof I asked for a modification which they did quickly and well. The portrait arrived shortly thereafter in perfect shape in a strong shipping container. I was pleased to find that the portrait was printed on heavy, high quality paper, with a matte finish. Can't wait to frame this and give it to my daughter. She's going to kill me! Heh, heh, heh.