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Graduation Celebration Caricature from Photos
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I Did It!
Reviewed on: June 22, 2016
While happy with the finished product, I found it a little difficult to get there. Let me clarify by saying I have a new computer that I'm still not comfortable with and I had to get the photo from someone else as I didn't have a suitable one of my own, which added to frustration. I had to send 3-4 revisions before it was acceptable: the hair part was correct originally, but when a revision was done, it had been reversed and had to be done again. When this was fixed, the ribbon on the diploma looked like part of his ear, so I asked to have his head tilted a little, which was done but could have been a little more. By this time, the gift was late and I didn't want to ask for more revisions. Next time, I'd start the process much sooner. P.S. my grandson loved it!