Customers Reviews
by Karen Stemm
Brook Park, OH, US
Reviewed on: March 22, 2017
I really love the pencil sketch of my beagle it's one of the last pictures we have of her she was sick and passed away,but the picture is perfect just like we remember her.I highly recommend anyone wh...
by Christopher Cuntz
Baton Rouge, LA, US
Reviewed on: March 20, 2017
Great drawing - My wife loves it! TKS!
by Rick
Edmond, OK, US
Reviewed on: March 8, 2017
This is the third piece of artwork I have had create for me and my wife. We could not be more pleased with it!
Reviewed on: March 4, 2017
We loved this!
by Kari Fritz
Reviewed on: March 15, 2017
It was the best gift we have ever given my parents! They immediately hung it in the entry way:)
by Jeanne Haluska
bradenton, FL, US
Reviewed on: March 15, 2017
This was a (brilliant) last minute gift idea for an artsy couples new home. I ordered it and it was ready for my approval within hours and shipped to me the following day!
This is my second pur...
Coconut Creek, FL, US
Reviewed on: March 11, 2017
Perfect. My husband was completely surprised by this present. He thought it was all my idea! But all I had to do was come up with the script. Mydavinci had already done all the work! Delivery was qu...
by Rachel Cycotte
Hamlet, NC, US
Reviewed on: February 26, 2017
Bought this print for my husband for Valentine's day. He really likes it.
by Charlie Cleaves
El Cajon, CA, US
Reviewed on: February 25, 2017
Awesome job as always by the DaVINCI Team. I did this piece for my wife on Valentine's Day to remember our amazing get away to SF earlier in the year! Thank you!!!
Reviewed on: January 5, 2017
My son's grandfather was brought to tears seeing his tattered old picture come back to life!